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Hi all and sundry,

I simply moved house and now              my telenor quiz today                  my internet speed is as much as 200Mbps but my laptop ethernet port fame is constrained to exactly a hundred.00Mbps. How can I enhance this to take in my highest potential internet speed?

My motherboard is: ASUS Z87M-PLUS: m-ATX, USB3.0, SATA 6.0, XFIRE. I regarded up the motherboard on ASUS’ internet site (https://www.Asus.Com/Motherboards/Z87MPLUS/specifications/) and it says LAN: Realtek 8111GR, 1 x Gigabit LAN Controller(s). Doesn’t that suggest it shouldn’t be locked to 100Mbps?

I have my router ethernet plugged into a 200Mbps homeplug (TP-LINK TL-PA251KIT) which then hyperlinks to the other equal homeplug and connects to my computer through ethernet cable.

I’ve tried updating the LAN drivers and intel chipset however have visible no distinction within the Ethernet Port Status. It’s constantly 100.00Mbps.

Is it viable to get the ethernet port to 200Mbps? How do I acquire this? What is limiting my PC to 100Mbps?

I recognize any and all assist, I’ve also emailed PCspecialist to look if they have an idea. I could ring but I haven’t any minutes available on my cellphone.
NOV 15, 2016
What router do you have got? Does it clearly have gigabit Ethernet? If it is just ‘speedy Ethernet’ it will be 100mbps.

There’s additionally an editorial claiming that certain powerline adapters most effective have 100mbps ethernet despite advertising higher speeds: http://www.Pcadvisor.Co.Uk/evaluate/p…-adapter-with-ac-skip-through-evaluate-3491685/

Assuming your router has gigabit Ethernet, in case you plug the PC immediately into it does this remedy the difficulty? (ignoring the truth you do not need your PC next to the router for a second).
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NOV 15, 2016
Woodlehh said:
My motherboard is: ASUS Z87M-PLUS: m-ATX, USB3.0, SATA 6.Zero, XFIRE. I appeared up the motherboard on ASUS’ internet site (https://www.Asus.Com/Motherboards/Z87MPLUS/specs/) and it says LAN: Realtek 8111GR, 1 x Gigabit LAN Controller(s). Doesn’t that mean it shouldn’t be locked to 100Mbps?

Its max pace is 1000Mbps, no longer 100 so that is no longer your problem 🙂

Things it can be (further to Oussebons thoughts)
1. If either of the ethernet cables connecting the homeplugs are Cat5 cables as opposed to Cat5e or Cat 6 then you’ll be confined to 100Mbps (Cat5 goes upto 100, Cat5e and Cat6 go as much as a thousand)
2. Your router – I’ve heard that on occasion simplest the port nearest the incoming internet connection can get the very best speed available to you – that is possibly to be on older/inexpensive routers although – I did truely ask one of the tech men right here approximately it cos I changed into having problems with my net speed and the guy at the phone recommended that and I was convinced he become mendacity until the tech man informed me that is truly viable
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NOV 15, 2016
Thanks for the replies.

My router is the Virgin hub three.Zero (DOCSIS three.Zero cable modem capability).
This is the page I’m searching at: http://store.Virginmedia.Com/find out/broadband/explore/rapid-wireless.Html

Is this bit crucial? Am I the use of the incorrect ethernet port? I’ve just were given it plugged into Slot 1.
Four ethernet 10/a hundred/1000BaseT ports
Wireless b, g, n succesful in 2.4GHz band plus wireless a, n & ac in 5GHz band (Dual-concurrent frequencies)

2 one of a kind frequency bands is also new to me.

Whilst on the smartphone to Virgin technical staff I plugged a laptop (now not yet willing to unpack and repack my computing device laptop) immediately into the router while in modem mode and it capped at one hundred, but the computer also had the same 100Mbps ethernet reputation, much like my laptop laptop says.
NOV 15, 2016
I’m also analyzing that article you linked now, and so I’m having a take a look at the ethernet cables.

One ethernet cable got here with the TP-LINK homeplug, and that has “INVAX DATA CABLE CAT.5 UTP 26AWG” written on the facet of it.
The different ethernet cable got here from virgin and it is a cat.5e. I’ve read enough to recognize that cat.5e is a superb one, so I assume it’s not a problem. The Cat.Five though I’m now not certain on.

I’ve finished a number of reading during the last couple weeks on internet speeds, and it looks like there are so many reasons why you may by no means reach the high speeds you’re after. Quite infuriating. The maximum crucial velocity for me is add even though, and with that most effective being as much as 20Mbps instead of 200Mpbs, shouldn’t I have a miles less complicated time accomplishing that than the download?
NOV 15, 2016
These are separate troubles – one is you best getting ‘speedy ethernet’ speeds on your nearby community connection – and the alternative is your internet connection speeds.

With regards to the second, add pace is quite lots continually slower than down load pace. Indeed that Virgin page you related suggests:

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