Consumers play a essential ┬áposition within the development of a state. Gandhiji inside the mild of the above rightly stated “A consumer is the maximum essential visitor on our premises. He isn’t always dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work – he’s the purpose of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour with the aid of giving us the opportunity to serve him.” Modern technological developments have made a superb effect at the satisfactory, availability and protection of goods and services but regrettably the customers are still sufferers of unscrupulous and exploitative trade practices.

As customers we face massive problems regarding defective items, deficiency in services, meals adulteration, spurious goods, hoarding, use of misleading and fractional weights, late deliveries, variations within the contents of the percent, poor after income provider, misleading commercials, hidden fee components, price discrimination, ATM and credit score card frauds, monetary frauds, real estate troubles and issues associated with public utilities. These problems arise because unscrupulous dealers take an unfair benefit of the lack of information and helplessness of the customers. Since the commercial enterprise does now not usually act responsibly there is a want to train and guard the clients to allow them to appearance after their very own pursuits and interests of the society at huge.

A current examine by means of ASSOCHAM has discovered that 40% of Indians are not privy to how and where to file a grievance if the manufacturer offers them a defective product or deficiency in service or an adulterated food object. The patron motion in India continues to be in its nascent stage inside the second decade of twenty first Century. It requires a massive fillip to come to be a mass motion.

Why Consumer Education have to be promoted amongst children

An aware patron is an asset to the society. The teens constitute nearly forty according to cent of the overall population of India. Apart from being a valuable human aid, this group is most vibrant and dynamic consumer segment for the Indian markets. Their consumption conduct are specific and their buy selections are based on popular traits, logo photograph, use of latest era, flavour of food products, andstyle. They are the major stakeholders inside the economic system. They were spending extra cash than earlier than and influencing the families’ shopping selections. Therefore, it’s miles essential that they need to be educated and made aware about purchaser rights at an early level. They need to be aware about advertising techniques and use their judgment and unfold a positive message in society. They ought to additionally keep in mind that their choices are being exploited by way of the markets through controlling their’ idea process thru commercials and marketing gimmicks and their life-style is being modified through creating new needs. They should now not fall prey to such tries which can be totally meant to woo customers .Keeping in view their huge numbers, tendency to consume and their capacity to steer large household choices, Indian teens, can play very critical function by means of being vigilant on the market area and spreading purchaser attention.

What an knowledgeable and empowered purchasers have to do:

Before shopping for any goods or services, as knowledgeable and conscious customers, we should seek full statistics concerning best and price of the goods and offerings. We should be careful about fake and /or deceptive advertisement and purchase best whilst there’s requirement and no longer cross for getting in a rush. We should no longer purchase blindly and demand full data earlier than buying. We should not compromise on the high-quality and quantity of goods and services and should buy first-class products only.

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